Widely celebrated in Japanese culture, organic matcha green tea is one of the world’s healthiest beverages. Centuries ago, legendary samurai warriors drank this flavorful beverage before battle to increase their endurance and energy levels. Today, people still drink matcha green tea to reinvigorate their minds and bodies. Matcha lovers all over the globe also enjoy it in other forms, such as in smoothies, iced lattes, baked goods, desserts and more!

It's incredibly difficult to source clean matcha because nearly all matcha products on the market are contaminated with lead and heavy metals. Our search was long and tedious but the Health Ranger Store has finally acquired a rare clean lot of organic matcha green tea powder that meets our strict requirements for cleanliness and purity from Kagoshima, Japan, a remote seaside city on Japan's Kyushu Islands (the most southern tip of Japan). There are eleven active volcanoes on the island including Mt. Sakurajima. Years of eruptions from these active volcanoes deposited rich minerals onto the ground which were absorbed into the soil and now provide a steady supply of nutrients for plant life.

Health Ranger Select Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder is loaded with chlorophyll, antioxidant polyphenols, dietary fiber and other nutrients to support optimal health. You can trust that our matcha green tea powder has undergone extensive lab testing for glyphosate, heavy metals, radiation and microbiology. It is non-GMO, non-China, vegan and certified Kosher and organic.

What is matcha and why is it so special?

Known for its energizing properties, matcha is a finely ground green tea powder derived from the young and nutrient-rich leaves of Camellia Sinensis. The word “matcha” comes from a combination of two Japanese words: “ma” meaning “ground” and “cha” meaning “tea.” While matcha is a type of green tea, matcha green tea and standard green tea are prepared differently, resulting in noticeable differences in color, flavor, texture and nutrient content.

Standard green tea uses regular tea leaves that are first heated either by steaming or roasting. The leaves are then cooled and repeatedly rolled and dried to give them a light color and fresh, grassy flavor. On the other hand, matcha green tea is made using only the finest baby green tea leaves from tea plants grown in the shade to boost their chlorophyll production. To prevent any possible damage, these delicate leaves are carefully hand-harvested and stone-ground very slowly with minimal heat exposure, ensuring the highest quality and nutrient content possible.

When properly prepared, matcha has a delicate umami flavor and an emerald green color. With its higher chlorophyll content, matcha green tea delivers superior nutritional content compared to standard green tea. Experience the full health benefits of green tea leaves by consuming fresh organic matcha powder instead of matcha from tea bags.


Our high-quality matcha green tea leaves come from organically grown green tea plants that thrive in the mineral-rich soils of Kagoshima, Japan. These plants are given all the sunlight and water they need to flourish, then just a few weeks before harvest, they are treated with a light-controlled process to increase chlorophyll production. Growing them under the shade also leads to higher levels of naturally occurring L-theanine and antioxidants, as well as a richer green color.

During the harvest season, the youngest and most nutrient-dense leaves are carefully hand-picked for premium matcha production. Once plucked, the stems and veins are removed and the leaves are made into matcha using a combination of the latest technology and time-honored traditions. This involves drying the tea leaves and then slowly grinding them with millstones. Great care is taken to prevent the stones from overheating. Otherwise, they can damage the delicate leaves, which could alter the taste and flavor of the final product. 

We make sure our premium matcha green tea powder is thoroughly lab verified for cleanliness and purity, so you can enjoy ultra-clean matcha powder that delivers a smooth and refreshing flavor.

Rich source of chlorophyll**

Chlorophyll is the plant pigment responsible for the green hue of most plants. It plays a crucial role in photosynthesis, the conversion of sunlight into energy. When consumed, chlorophyll can support the healthy functioning of your immune system, adrenal system and digestive system.

Shade-grown green tea plants produce more chlorophyll than regular tea plants grown under natural sunlight. This is why we use only the newest buds of shade-grown tea plants to make Health Ranger Select Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder. The abundance of chlorophyll in our premium matcha green tea powder gives it a vibrant green hue and makes it ideal for traditional tea ceremonies. It also offers plenty of health benefits.


Packed with antioxidants**

125x the antioxidant content of spinach

Antioxidants can help protect your body from harmful free radicals and support healthy functions of your immune and cardiovascular systems. It just so happens that matcha green tea has one of the highest antioxidant ratings among all of the major superfoods.

Matcha green tea is naturally loaded with plant-based compounds called catechins. These beneficial compounds possess potent antioxidant properties. The most powerful catechin of all is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This unique plant compound can help you maintain a healthy heart and brain and even supports sensible weight management goals when accompanied by proper diet and exercise. Matcha green tea contains up to 100 times more EGCG than standard green tea.

15x the antioxidant content of blueberries

13x the antioxidant content of pomegranates

Other antioxidants found in matcha green tea include polyphenols and vitamins A and C.

Organic matcha green tea gives you an energy boost without the crash**

If you’re looking for a drink that can increase your energy levels without leaving you jittery or depleted the way coffee or energy drinks normally do, then you should give matcha green tea a try. While it does contain a small amount of caffeine, a cup of matcha green tea still has less caffeine than a cup of coffee. It also contains high levels of naturally occurring L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes calmness and relaxation. The beauty of matcha green tea is that the caffeine and L-theanine in it work together to provide a stable and extended boost of energy without the anxious jitters, energy crashes or other side effects often associated with caffeine or energy drinks. What you end up with is a state of “relaxed alertness” that can help you focus and be more productive throughout the day.

Health Ranger Select Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder contains no sugars or sweeteners, which means you won’t be experiencing any sugar spikes or crashes. However its high L-theanine content naturally gives it a subtly sweet flavor, so that it still tastes great even without any additives.

The best time to intake our premium organic matcha green tea powder is during or after your first meal. You can make another cup any time you find yourself needing more mental clarity, energy or focus during the day.

Nutritional profile of organic matcha green tea**

Matcha green tea is considered one of the healthiest beverages in the world for a good reason. Matcha contains many vitamins and minerals that can help you maintain optimal health. You can drink a cup or two of delicious matcha green tea each day to boost your daily intake of the following nutrients.






Fiber is necessary for healthy digestion. It also supports normal bowel movements.

Protein is an essential nutrient that you need to consume every day for your body to function properly.

This mineral supports healthy sensory functions and is essential for the proper functioning of your heart cells and blood vessels.

Iron plays an important role in supporting a healthy immune system and healthy blood cells.

This mineral supports healthy bones and teeth.






This essential nutrient is necessary for your body’s proper metabolism of sugars, lipids and amino acids.

This vitamin serves many important functions in the body. It also supports the health and functions of your digestive and nervous systems.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that can support healthy vision and helps protect your eyes from oxidative stress.

This vitamin is crucial for the normal and healthy growth of your cells.

Vitamin C is another potent antioxidant that eliminates harmful free radicals and supports a healthy immune system.

Health benefits of







The antioxidant polyphenols in matcha green tea can have a positive effect on your brain. They can help you maintain healthy cognitive function and keep your mind sharp. Drink a calming cup of matcha the next time you want to clear your mind.

Matcha green tea contains high levels of vitamins A and C, catechins and other antioxidants that support a healthy immune system. Its high chlorophyll content can also support healthy immune function.

The wealth of antioxidants in matcha green tea can protect your heart against oxidative stress. Antioxidants can also support a healthy cardiovascular system by helping you maintain normal cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range.






Drinking matcha green tea can have a positive influence on your mood due to the high amounts of L-theanine it contains. So the next time you’re feeling down, make a cup of matcha green tea for a quick pick-me-up.

The caffeine and L-theanine in matcha green tea work together to support a healthy metabolism. Matcha green tea also contains a catechin called EGCG, which support a healthy weight management plan when accompanied by a healthy diet and proper exercise.

– Due to its potent combination of caffeine and L-theanine, matcha green tea can promote mental alertness while also providing hours of zen-like focus without any jitters or energy crashes. Matcha green tea is ideal for when you need to be in a calm and meditative state.

According to a study published in the Journal of Home Economics of Japan, the chlorophyll in matcha green tea can support your body's natural elimination of toxic elements.


Not all matcha is created equal

Green tea products from China are often contaminated with lead and other heavy metals. We recently located and identified an ultra-clean lot of matcha green tea powder from Kagoshima, Japan, a seaside city on Japan's Kyushu Islands, and we acquired the full lot exclusively for you. When this lot is gone, it’ll be impossible for us to know when we’ll find a similarly clean lot. So be sure to buy matcha green tea products only from a trusted source.

Health Ranger Select Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder is extensively lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals, radiation and microbiology. It is derived from green tea plants grown in Japan without using any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Organic matcha green teapowder isn’t just for tea

Health Ranger Select Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder has such an exquisite and refreshing flavor that it tastes great even when added to just water. You can make a soothing cup of tea by shaking, whisking or blending half a teaspoon of our matcha green tea powder in water, but that’s barely scratching the surface of what this flavorful ingredient can do for you.

Not just for tea, our organic premium matcha tea powder can also be used to make sweet and savory dishes. You can add it to lemonades, smoothies, lattes and other beverages. Its palatable taste and texture go well with other foods, such as muffins, oatmeal, granolas, pancakes, puddings and baked goods. It blends especially well with organic cacao powder.

Rejuvenate your body today with Health Ranger Select Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder. This ultra-clean, fine powder can easily boost your daily intake of chlorophyll, antioxidant polyphenols, dietary fiber and other nutrients. Add it to hot water to make a soothing tea that can calm your mind and relax your body. Health Ranger Select Organic Premium Matcha Green Tea Powder is non-GMO, non-China, vegan, certified Kosher and organic, and is lab tested for glyphosate, heavy metals and microbiology. It also contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, sugars or other additives.

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